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Battle of Writers: Handwriting Vs. Typing

Handwriting versus typing, let’s discover the battle between them in today’s post. What are the benefits of handwriting and of typing on laptops and PCs? Each of them has their strengths, so choose which one among them is better, depending on your needs. Check out the following for interesting stats and facts about typing speed and handwriting speed (WPM), among others below.
Handwriting Vs. Typing


Handwriting Notes

  • Better for learning
  • Writing skills improvement
  • Prevent you from being distracted
  • Builds stronger conceptual understanding
  • Better for short-term and long-term memory
  • Your brain works harder
  • Less distraction means better focus

Typing on Laptops

  1. Faster for those who are comfortable to type online UK
  2. More professional formatting
  3. Ability to share documents
  4. Ability to publish
  5. Editing tools available
  6. Confidence in finding notes later on
  7. Creates relationships between notes
  8. Handwriting makes around 31 wpm for memorized material and 22 wpm for copied material, while typing is around 41 wpm.

Average Typing Speed Statistics

  • Boys: 44 wpm
  • Girls: 37 wpm

What People Think About Their Handwriting

  1. 12% sometimes cannot read their writing
  2. 9% always understand their writing, but sometimes others do not
  3. 16% almost always understand their writing
  4. 4% do not like their writing
  5. 11% more likely don’t like
  6. 18% more likely like
  7. 17% like their handwriting
  8. 8% think their handwriting is really good & legible
  9. 3% think their handwriting is splendid, such as calligraphy

Which do you think is a better mode of writing? Whatever your answer is, remember that each of them has their strengths, meaning one may be more useful than the other is depending on what your purpose may be. For example, handwriting may be more efficient if you need concentration, especially when studying for exams, while UK typing may be more useful if you need a well-presented paper with a nice layout and format.

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