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  • PDF to Word
  • Excel to Word
  • Word to Excel
  • PDF to Exel
  • Handwriting to Word
  • Handwriting to Excel
  • PDF to LaTex
  • Word to LaTex
  • And Many More!

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  • Immediate Access to Trained Typists
  • Proofreading to Eliminate Any Errors
  • Highly Accurate Typing at All Times
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FAQs on Typing Online UK

Can your UK typists help with audio transcription?

transcription ukYes one of the many services that we can provide is transcription UK. We use transcription specialists that are selected for their ability to recognize and transcribe UK even the broadest of regional accents from within the UK. They are also subject level qualified and have access to the equipment and software required to ensure that they can provide transcription to a very high level of accuracy.

If you are going to do work for my company is the process confidential?

transcribe ukEverything that we provide in the way of services is done with complete confidentiality as are your personal or company details. We do not share anything with any other parties.

I need my work doing in UK English, can you manage this?

transcription ukWe only use staff that have English as their first language and UK English is the standard that we work by through our typing and transcription services. All of our proofreading is also available with UK English.

Are your staff qualified to provide UK online typing?

transcribe ukWe are well aware that the quality of any work that we provide will be very reliant on the skills of the staff that are employed to actually do the work. This is why we provide you with staff that are not only qualified to provide the service that you are requesting but also subject qualified also. Our staff are:

  • Higher degree qualified in a field relevant to the work being done
  • Certified typist or transcriber with many years of experience
  • Experienced within the specific field or industry in which the work is to be done
  • A native English speaker
  • Able to follow academic or business specific formats

Can you provide handwriting typing to Word?

transcription ukHandwriting to Word or any other software package is just one of the many document typing jobs that we can handle. No matter how big or small the job our expert typists will be able to complete the typing UK for you.

Can you convert PDF to Word for me?

transcribe ukWe can take any PDF file or even an image with writing and type the contents for you directly into Microsoft Word or any other software package that you specify.

We have a large amount of data that will require entry in a very specific format, can you handle this for us?

transcription ukWe have staff that are experienced in almost every possible administration and data processing function. We can provide you with highly accurate and quick data entry into any software package or document format that you require.

Is payment to your service secure?

transcribe ukWe use only well known and secure payment partners that you will recognize. All payments are conducted through secure channels and fees are protected through our money back guarantees.

Can typing online UK provide me with my typing by tomorrow without fail?

transcription ukWhen you make your order through our online UK typing services you can specify the time frame within which you need your work completing. This timeframe can be as short as just 12 hours and we always guarantee on time delivery within our agreed deadlines.

Will my typing be free of errors?

transcribe ukNot only do we provide our typing services UK through some of the very best typists that you will find online that are very dedicated to their work, we also provide free proofreading. Every document that we produce will be put through qualified proofreaders to ensure that ant writing errors are eliminated prior to delivery to you.

If something is not quite right are you going to charge me to change it?

transcription ukOur services will provide you with a draft version of all documents once typed for your review. If you feel that anything has not been done correctly or requires improvement you are entitled to an unlimited number of revisions free of charge.

What happens if I am not happy with the services that you provide?

transcribe ukIn the unlikely event that you are not happy with the services that our typing online UK services provide we will work with you to correct the issues or we will provide you with a full refund under our full satisfaction guarantee.

Keep calm and use our typing online UK service today!